Siebel line of products is known for its expertise in the field of customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Among the famous and most sought-after software applications it has is the Siebel Server Sync for Microsoft Exchange Server. This application is very necessary since it enables the business employees to centralize different customer information easily across the various Siebel applications and the Microsoft Outlook. Aside from this major functionality, there are still other great features of the Siebel Server Sync for Microsoft Exchange Server.

When this Siebel Server application is combined with other Siebel software, it can facilitate the end-user’s adoption and collaboration of CRM systems. The integration of Siebel with the Microsoft Outlook and Exchange will provide the users the flexibility to easily and quickly achieve real-time insight of the customer interactions. The combination of these applications is helpful in facilitating the making of tasks, contacts, and appointments.

Aside from these helpful functionalities, the Siebel Server Sync for Microsoft Exchange Server still has other features. It has a server-based synchronization engine which can run in the background to help arrange the user’s calendar appointments, employees, contacts, and tasks. There is also the Microsoft Outlook plug-in which permits the user to connect with the Microsoft Outlook contacts, appointments, and tasks. The application also has the capacity to embed the calendar of the Microsoft Outlook within some Siebel applications. This software also has centralized and orderly customer information which can be used with both the Siebel applications and Microsoft Outlook.

The many useful features of Siebel Server Sync for Microsoft Exchange Server will certainly provide increase in productivity. 

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