There are few instances wherein errors occur when connecting to SQL Server Express 2005 using remote client software although there is no error in connecting to it on the local device. Examples of these errors are the failure of SQL Server to permit remote connections, absence of Server or access denied, or error on SQL Network Interfaces. These errors happen because SQL Server Express is manually constructed for remote access during the setting up. But there is nothing to worry about because this can be enabled. Meaning, the problem is not a bug but a feature. Great news!

The following are the gist of the actions you need to make to deal with the errors:

•    Enable the TCP/IP protocol through the Surface Area Configuration Utility

•    Confirm that the TCP/IP protocol is facilitated in the SQL Server Configuration Utility

•    Make sure to start the SQL Server browser. Although, this is not really mandatory. The SQL Server instance may also be set to utilize a permanent IP address, even though this is considered as substandard for named instances.

•    Ensure that both of the SQL Server and SQL Server Browser are excluded by the firewall on the server machine. This can be implemented by placing sqlservr.exe as well as sqlbrowser.exe as exclusions in the windows firewall.

Finally, to ensure that everything will work, the server machine should also be rebooted completely when the changes are done. This is because there have been reports that say stopping the software of SQL Server and SQL Server Browser alone is not enough.

The Volksbank Romania SA (VBR), an expanding Romanian Bank, , is said to install SQL Server net-based treasury system according to the report published on the website of Windows in Financial Services, Microsoft’s magazine in the financial enterprise. VBR is composed of more than 1,200 employees with about 140 branches all over Romania, and this has qualified Spectrum Treasury System of Financial Software System. Spectrum is designed on .NET platform of Microsoft and is intended for one database with one transaction record; hence, avoiding reconciliation errors. In the case of VBR, SQL Server will be the Spectrum database.

The major areas of VBR’s business are retail banking, corporate banking, and Treasury. This bank is also focusing on small and average enterprise banking as well as micro banking. Because the bank experienced a sudden growth for the last few years in terms of clients, assets, and profitability, it has to be supported with Spectrum. Spectrum assists the back-office dispensation of its Treasury transactions. So, VBR is preparing to install and use Spectrum right in its headquarters office located in Bucharest.

Spectrum can give a lot of advantages. One of the advantages it provides is the complete management system for money markets, fixed income and derivatives, as well as foreign exchanged. Spectrum also gives out straight-through handing out of transactions. Its back-office similarly manages payments, trade confirmations, accounting, settlements, and the entire trade processing activities. Certainly, transactions go through Spectrum in a distinct life cycle. This is why Spectrum is being utilized by different banks all throughout the world, especially by those that regularly process more than 100,000 Treasury transactions each day.  Also, the SQL Server database within Spectrum solution of VBR will supply a great source of information for datamining, analytics, and reporting.

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