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The VCP certification is a solid choice for aspiring Cloud computing engineers…


Whenever the topic of cloud computing comes up, virtualization is often not far behind. This is because virtualization is an integral cloud-based technology, of course. Among those organizations specializing in virtualization, VMware is a major contender. In fact, the technological moves that VMware is making are having a very (positive and) widespread effect on cloud computing as a whole. The bottom line is that VMware is a market leader, and receiving a certification from one of the chief companies that’s driving the entire (cloud computing) industry is certainly a good thing.

Getting a VCP certification (VMware Certified Professional) essentially means that a person knows how to use vCloud Director to establish, set up, and deploy cloud infrastructure/environment. Naturally, there are other, finer points to the VCP cert, but “the big takeaway” is without a doubt, the ability to effectively utilize vCloud director and vSphere in a professional capacity.

Behind the VCP certification however, there is the notion of the Cloud Engineer. What constitutes a Cloud Engineer, you ask? Simply put, a CE is a person who specializes in envisioning, developing, operating and maintaining cloud computing systems. Likewise, there is a great deal of focus placed on the different types of cloud service models as well; those being IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. In a nutshell, a cloud engineer oversees aspects of governance, standardization and commercialization as well; it’s truly a versatile and highly involved career choice with loads of potential. VCP VMware Certified Professional

When a person decides to go down the path toward becoming a cloud engineer, they are essentially latching onto the idea that there is a bright future in the cloud. Given the statistical reports being released by research groups like Gartner (among others) over the last couple of years, perhaps it’s not such a bad idea? The facts are indisputable, individuals, small businesses and large companies are waking up to cloud computing. Every single day some new organization moves toward either adopting the cloud or some individual cloud service. In other words, there’s a blossoming market for anything ‘cloud’ which of course means plenty of employment opportunities for IT personnel. Cloud engineers are becoming increasingly sought after for these very reasons, as they have the training and abilities needed to bring functionality to cloud infrastructure(s).

The great thing about the VCP certification is that it can provide the aspiring cloud engineer a direct path toward greater understanding in their particular field. Employers are on the lookout for those with the VCP cert for various reasons. You see, once a company begins to incorporate a VMware platform, it becomes increasingly difficult to ‘go back to the way things were’. Although this isn’t a perfect comparison, but it’s a bit like upgrading from one OS to another; older components tend to be more compatible with newer OS’s / environments, by the same measure, newer components are often not recognized by older environments. To put it another simpler way; “once you go cloud, you won’t want to run with the grid computing crowd”. This, along with the dizzying number of possibilities that exist in cloud computing, makes certifications like those offered by VMware very attractive to those who are seeking career opportunities. Still not convinced? Just go to any major employment or job hunting site and look under IT, cloud and/or technology. Now, count how many times you see the term “VMware”.

Becoming certified with a VCP is a very intelligent move for those with larger aspirations, certainly, there’s no disputing that. But it shouldn’t be forgotten that one can also land a great career this certification either. Some very big companies are always on the lookout for individuals who truly understand VMware products / concepts and know how to implement them. Likewise, if you’re the type of person that is interested in completely mastering cloud computing and/or greatly increasing your knowledge base, you really can’t go wrong with the VCP certification. Having a VCP will help you not only build a career, but also help to ensure that you maintain it during these tough economic times. Aside from these considerations, anyone who actually attains a VCP certification will be prepared for any dramatic shifts in cloud computing that might be on the horizon.

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