Maintain an active web based Video Conferencing system and other teleconference options for staff, committee, board, and/or membership meetings or programs.

More Uses of the Video Conferencing Toolkit:

  • Be accountable for utilizing technology for more remote work opportunities and innovation using everything from Video Conferencing to drones.
  • Maintain your Video Conferencing and collaboration platforms.
  • Initiate: VoIP and Video Conferencing management.
  • Maintain onsite IT infrastructure (networking, VoIP, Video Conferencing, and servers).
  • Lead: research, develop, design, and implement audio visual, instant messaging, presence, desktop sharing and Video Conferencing environments.
  • Provide technical expertise involved in the operation and support of the audio/visual and Video Conferencing infrastructure.
  • Create and facilitate online LIVE recruitment campaigns through use of social media platforms and/or Video Conferencing technologies.
  • Create and facilitate online LIVE recruitment campaigns through use of social media platforms or Video Conferencing technologies.
  • Initiate: ); online tele/Video Conferencing tools (e.
  • Audit: design, implement and support your organizations diverse VoIP, collaboration and Video Conferencing portfolio.
  • Oversee: mail, Video Conferencing and VoIP user and system administration and vendor point of contact.
  • Arrange that your team coordinates in person and Video Conferencing contact with government officials and staff.
  • Devise: Video Conferencing system and hardware.
  • Be accountable for interacting with others Provide on the spot training for email, software Video Conferencing.
  • Organize: ); multimedia productivity solutions (Video Conferencing, web conferencing, virtual meetings, etc.
  • Coordinate periodic audio/visual and Video Conferencing training sessions.
  • Communicate effectively via Video Conferencing for meetings, technical review and onsite delivery activities.
  • Manage work with remote users (internal and external) to successfully connect with existing Video Conferencing equipment.
  • Pull off VoIP and Video Conferencing management.
  • Set up and maintain Video Conferencing network.


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