The increasing value of the Information presented and included in the Website provides further inputs on why most people like to use Websites in their researching needs, and while the use of the Internet is much faster than doing it through the old fashioned way.
In committing the needs of research on the value of the Internet, the visitors are more likely becoming depended on its Information, and because of this, there’s an increasing number of critics that voice out that Information in the Internet is sometimes fabricated.
This may be mitigated of course by increasing the respectability of the Information in the Websites through the use of video clips, which is also an excellent way of showing off the Website, and increase profit.
Visitors are already tired off seeing only typed words and essays on the Websites and it is highly recommended that video clips in landing pages be included, especially in the face of increasing critics that argue that Information from this source is unreliable.
For psychological purposes, the visitors are most likely to believe the words of someone that they could actually see for themselves, and while this takes a large part of the Website’s codes, it is still beneficial to them.
Of course, the visitors still value the Websites that bring to them the Information asked for in speeds that are befitting their need for urgency, and in most cases, they would always want it as fast as possible.
So there must be a balance between the concept of providing speed and videos on the landing pages, as everyone knows that too much or too long videos are the bane of slower landing pages.

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