Drive operational excellence related to IT infrastructure and Networking by developing system health monitoring scorecards, Visual Management dashboards, and defining key performance indicators to be reviewed during daily site flash meetings.

More Uses of the Visual Management Toolkit:

  • Manage and mentor team leads on Visual Management Boards.
  • Lean leadership (daily management, Visual Management, gemba walks, leader standard work).
  • Maintain Visual Management of part and raw material storage; clean and organized work area.
  • Develop Visual Management tools to track critical business and process KPIs.
  • Supervise: one piece flow, Visual Management, context switching, and simplification have become a way of life for you.
  • Pilot: KPI leadership and lean leadership (daily accountability, Visual Management, leader standard work, and gemba walks).
  • Develop/maintain Visual Management board for kaizen progress/results/sustainability.
  • Oversee: implement Visual Management systems to drive continuous improvement.
  • Be accountable for making constraints known through Visual Management.
  • Support and maintain metrics and relevant information on current Visual Management boards to drive teamwork and facilitate shift change over.
  • Methodize: Visual Management (problem identification).
  • Ensure you orchestrate; good organizational and Visual Management skills.
  • Secure that your organization utilizes Visual Management for problem resolution.
  • Head: error proofing, eyes for waste, Visual Management.
  • Govern: Visual Management systems.
  • Be accountable for stabilizing a process and creating exception management using Visual Management.
  • Maintain electronic Visual Management to facilitate visibility to project status across multiple geographies.
  • Develop, implement, and maintain Visual Management boards for production measurements and general business communication.
  • Manage and enforce material flow and traceability in a warehousing environment using scanning technology and Visual Management.
  • Create and maintain Visual Management related to annual losses.
  • Confirm your enterprise ensures the warehouse layout is organized, with an emphasis on Visual Management.
  • Communicate plans, actions and results to the team through a Visual Management system.


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