Web analytics is basically the study of online behavior. Enterprises pursue such endeavors in order to measure performance. Web analytics measurements are the indicators that represent a website performance. Measurements that enterprises put value on depend on the type of website or products they sell.

The first indicators began with something that measured the number of hits. Then it evolved to measuring page views and visits for logfile analysis. As for page tagging, web counters were used. These web counters were all visible to users at first until it evolved and invisible counters became a possibility. Assigning cookies also came next.

All of these technologies require the use of web analytics software such as Visual Sciences Web Analytics. This major web analytics software company used to be known as WebSideStory. It has not only taken a new name but it has also expanded the capabilities that their web analytics software is capable of.

With the many new hitches in keeping measurements accurate brought about by many new technologies, coming up with a more robust software is imperative. Visual Sciences provides analysis that goes beyond the basic measurements and indicators. It also provides more useful enterprise analysis. For instance, point-of-sale, customer information and interactive response information can be provided by Visual Sciences web analytics software.

What the company is actually doing is giving its software users all necessary measures and more by supplying analysis on other parts of the enterprise. And not only does it provide a report of numbers but a visual analysis is provided as well.

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