Visualize with an SOA Diagram

Are you a visual person? Most people do. They prefer to see something in front of them, a graphical illustration of some sort, to easily and fully understand the topic being presented to them. This is the reason why on most presentations or research papers, there are diagrams to illustrate the flow of relationships between the processes required to carry out a certain task. In the field of service oriented architecture, it is a must to include SOA diagrams to help interested individuals to keep track of the different concepts and principles behind such complicated process.

A sample diagram that you can see on most SOA web sites explains how service oriented architecture basically works.  Three boxes arranged in a triangular pattern, each representing the building blocks of SOA. These are SERVICE, SERVICE CONSUMER and SERVICE DIRECTORY. To give details on how each block is interconnected to each other, three arrows are placed on each side of the pattern.

The first arrow is pointing from SERVICE CONSUMER to SERVICE with the word “INVOKES”. This means that it is the consumer, customer or user that is invoking what service should be provided to them. They are the ones who give service providers an idea of what software application to develop that will eventually hit the market.

Another arrow is pointing from SERVICE to SERVICE DIRECTORY with the word “REGISTER”, the reason being is that the end-product that the consumer requested should then be registered before it will be made available for them to use.

Lastly, an arrow is seen pointing from SERVICE CONSUMER to SERVICE DIRECTORY with the word “FINDS”. This states that once the product was made available, consumers can then search for it using the service directory.

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