VMware 5.5: The Power of Virtualization at the Hands of the User

The VMware 5.5 will allow the use of multiple operating systems on a single PC workstation.  This is called virtualization of machines which is the main feature of VMware workstations.  VMware 5.5 is the most common virtualization engine currently used today but it has been upgraded with the VMware Workstation 6 and a beta version of VMware 6.5.

Essentially, the VMware workstations will convert any desktop or laptop into multiple machines.  The virtual machines are complete systems with their own sets of operating systems, processor configuration, network applications, memory, and peripheral ports set-up.  Users then will have multiple computers running on a single machine.  This will certainly enhance the power of the desktop or laptop and multiply the productivity of the host machine.

Running the VMware Workstation will allow users to run different operating systems and access them with just a click of the mouse.  Files and programs can be used across different platforms and it can be shared easily because of the drag and drop functionality of VMware virtual machines.  So, a user may only need to open another virtual PC in a window and drag the files from the host or other guest machine to the window of another virtual machine.  The peripheral and network resources can also be shared by all the machines so there would be no need for buying another set of peripherals.  This means great savings and increased productivity.

Virtualization of workstations is an excellent option for individuals and companies that need multiple computers with different platforms.  The VMware application could certainly optimize the performance of the PC thus enabling users to add machines without investing on new hardware.

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