VMware, Inc. is undeniably an industry leader when it comes to designing and developing virtualization software. After all, virtualization is a technology that has helped business users and personal users make the most out of their computers and other IT resources.

With virtualization, resources such as servers are maximized by partitioning them in several sections. Each section duplicates the functionality of the actual resource. For example, a physical server can be divided into several partitions, and each partition is a virtual server whose functions are the same as the physical server. Basically, virtualization is all about virtually creating more of the same thing, and this eliminates or at least minimizes the need to purchase expensive physical resources.

Because of the importance of virtualization, VMware easily shot to leader status in its field. One of VMware’s products is the VMware Server. This product enables virtualization on a physical server which results to a higher level of flexibility and a greater usage of the server’s hardware.

The benefits of using VMware are enough reason for any user interested in maximizing his server’s capabilities to utilize VMware. On top of all that, the VMware Server is free. People can download free licensed serial numbers from the official VMware website. These serial numbers are not for a trial period; they’re for good.

Upon receiving the serial number, users should register their serial numbers so they can proceed to downloading the latest version of the VMware Server (version 1.0.5) from the website. Older versions are also listed there for downloads.

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