VMware Support: Delivering Beyond Expectations

VMware, Inc. is a company that focuses on developing software used for virtualization which means creating a virtually whole version of storage devices, servers, operating systems, or network resources that are made of different parts in actuality. Virtualization is an important technology in the IT industry because it enables big-scale multitasking and sharing of resources. These two results of virtualization lead to lower costs and higher efficiency for companies who are seeking ways to improve their productivity.

As mentioned, VMware is one of several developers of virtualization software. VMware is under EMC Corporation, a Fortune 500 company that specializes in creating software for managing information and storage.  Being under the umbrella of an established company, VMware became quickly well-known in the industry. However, aside from having a good name to back it up, VMware also became popular for the high quality of the products it makes.

VMware is also known for its excellent after-sales support. Existing testimonials from various companies have a common denominator—practically everyone gives a glowing report on how the VMware technical support team goes the extra mile when it comes to assisting clients with their concerns. VMware makes sure that the products it delivers to the clients are not limited to the software itself, but also includes excellent customer service.

VMware’s support website (http://www.vmware.com/support) shows just how much the company takes customer service seriously. Upon visiting the site, clients can browse through a myriad of resources which can help them resolve basic problems on their own. For more complicated issues, can log in and from there, choose from one of several ways to contact the technical support team.

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