VMware, a software company specializing in making virtualization software, is the deemed industry leader in its field. VMware has covered groundbreaking innovations with its products. Because of virtualization, businesses can maximize the use of their IT resources to lower operational costs and increase profits without sacrificing functionality.

One of the products of VMware is VMware Workstation, which allows several operating systems to run at the same time in separate virtual machines on a physically single computer. Because of this technology, one computer has the potential to become several different ones, with each handling a different process. With virtualization, there’s no need to buy multiple computers, which saves money. There’s also no need for one computer to finish a process before starting on the next one, which saves time.

Way back in 2002, VMware announced that Guest OS Kits were packaged with fully-functional, pre-installed Windows XP to make its installation on a virtual machine easy, quick, and hassle-free.

What did this mean to users? Users who were utilizing non-Microsoft operating systems such as Mac or Ubuntu Linux didn’t have to completely do away with MS applications such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and MS Office, to name a few. It has been proven since then that Windows XP can run smoothly in a VMware environment.

VMware Workstation’s powers are not limited to that, though. VMware Workstation also allows a Windows XP virtual machine to run in a Linux operating system. It also allows older versions of an operating system, such as MS DOS, to run inside a newer version, such as Windows XP.

VMware at www.vmware.com leads the technology industry in providing superior virtualization products and solutions both for desktop and data server functionalities.  The solutions offered by VMware have the capabilities to bring down operational costs and capital spending.  Virtualization also promises business continuity, stronger server security, and the ability to set-up a paper-less company making it environment friendly.

VMware can be found at Palo Alto California and is touted as the fastest growing public software company today.  It boast a $1.33 billion annual sales coming from more than 100,000 companies which include those listed on Fortune 100.

The virtualization products and solutions that VMware offers range from freeware applications for desktops to industry-class deployment of virtualization programs designed to optimize the IT architecture of companies.  These solutions are ideal for consolidating the data center and server infrastructure of companies.  It can also automate workstation desktops to ensure that companies can deliver 24/7 IT business solutions for its customers.

Customers can see the details of VMware’s complete product line at www.vmware.com.  All the products and software solution of Vmware have cross-operating system ability and can run even on multiple platforms and different IT environments.  The alternative offered by VMware can certainly streamline the need of companies to build additional dedicated networks for each of their product solutions.  It is no wonder that the client base of Vmware has quadrupled from last year and the company has shown enough robustness and strength to sustain its growth.  Through Vmware, entire enterprises can now sit back and let automated virtual machines run their business for them.

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