Everyone who has successfully hurdled a four-year undergraduate college degree and is
gainfully employed dreams of eventually trying for their MBA degree. But did you know that
there is now an MBA in Risk Management and Insurance?

In the past decade, organizations and individuals have encountered growing levels of
perceived risks, threats, and hazards within their environment. With the MBA in Risk
Management and Insurance, a student is trained in assessing risk management requirements of
such organizations and individuals. One university allows its students enrolled in this
course to work as consultants of real privately-owned institutions so that they can get
hands-on training in the requirements of such organizations when it comes to risk

One project involved assessing the student health insurance program of a certain
university. Another was completely auditing the risk management and employee benefits
program of a community center, so that the facility was able to gain savings in insurance
expenses and make improvements to its program. A risk management audit was also done for a
direct merchant retailer who operates online so that risks inherent to their e-commerce
activities could be weeded out – thus preserving the sterling reputation of this online
vendor. Even an insurance company used the services of these MBA students to analyze the
risk management process of the insurance organization. Lastly, an assisted living facility
enlisted the help of the MBA aspirants to examine the overall risks faced by this facility
as far as loss control policies and insurance coverage were concerned.

Some key courses in this MBA program are Property/Liability Risk Management, Environmental
Risk Management, and Risk Financing. The job you can take on after graduating with your MBA
in hand is that of risk manager for any organization – provided the institution that
granted your MBA is of good repute in the risk management education field, that is.

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