Usually, teachers take up licensure exams to earn their certification for teaching. In Information Technology, there is a different set of exam that is being offered to training professionals who would like to embrace more of their technical side but still continue on doing the thing that they love most, that is educating people. This vendor-neutral certification exam is called CompTIA CTT+, where CTT stands for Computer Technical Trainer.

Earning a CompTIA CTT+ certification is almost similar to completing your masters degree in teaching. This only proves that you have mastered the art of building bridges to learning, which may include core instructor skills such as preparation, communication, facilitation, presentation and evaluation in a classroom setting. Being taught by a CTT is like receiving training from a top-notch professional. This may be observed from the manner of delivery and presentation of topics in an orderly manner. This can be compared to producing an environment that is more conducive to learning.

The challenge of completing the CompTIA CTT+ certification is that you will encounter two exams; one computer-based (CBT) and one video-based (VBT). Once that you have passed your CompTIA CTT+ exam, you can then plan on achieving more advanced certification programs such as Certified Novell Instructor (CNI) from Novell, Adobe Certified Instructor (ACI) from Adobe and Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) from Microsoft. CompTIA CTT+ is indeed a recognized credential in the field of training and instruction. Most companies even consider having a CTT as a valuable addition to their ranks of hardworking professionals. If teaching is truly your passion, apply for a CompTIA CTT+ certification now.

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