Web analytics is focused on analyzing internet activity and behavior. Enterprises enforce such implementations in order to gauge website performance and also to gauge audience response to various marketing campaigns. Web analytics could also be done to get an idea of the possible response a site or an upcoming marketing campaign is going to have.

WASP stands for Web Analytics Solution Profiler. It is an extension for Firefox aimed at assisting web analytics professionals in doing quality assurance. It is also developed to facilitate understanding of how a web analytics solution is being implemented.

WASP web analytics detects 121 tools so many websites and web analytics professionals are able to use it for examining the solutions they are using. With the WASP installed, detecting the tool being used in a website is easily done. WASP can crawl up to 5 domains and up to 100 links in a given text file. It will check all URLs and provide a report after the process is done. WASP can be called upon to perform by clicking its icon usually found on the status bar. Reports can also be generated anytime.

WASP also has query string and cookie breakdown features. So really, WASP is not merely for providing information and doing quality assurance. WASP also facilitates effective reporting and market research.

Web analytics professionals benefit from this Firefox extension. What even makes it more helpful is the ease of using such extension. All they have to do is simply install the extension and it is ready for use.

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