Pamela Nelson, a writer of Practical e-commerce, said that pay per click bid management always involves the management of the performance of keywords in every engine independently. By simply knowing the impact of the keywords, it will be easier for people to identify the next action to make on improving the overall performance of their accounts.

According to Nelson, it is recommended to look at the present data for a month and then, sort out the data according to three criteria: cost per click, number of clicks, and cost per conversion. The first section pertains to those keywords that gained clicks but was not able to convert. The second section refers to the keywords that were not able to gain click. And the third section pertains to the group of keywords that have produced conversions.

The following discussions explain how it works:
•    For the converted keywords, individuals may perform a comparison between the optimal costs per conversion with the cost per conversion, which they want to attain. They may also adjust bids to shift position if the cost of the keyword is too expensive.
•    For the keywords with clicks but have low conversions, individuals may identify the ways to develop the landing page call into action. Here, it has to be assured that the land page will reflect the message of the ad.
•    For the keywords with zero clicks, this simply means that the ad does not look too attractive to draw the attention of the searcher. If this is the problem, individuals may rewrite the ad with different versions—versions that make an impact when it is read.

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