Anyone who has the necessary knowledge can optimize search engine in WordPress using META tags along with Meta tags plugins. Essentially, the elements of Meta tags function in providing the information of certain document. Also, this is used to supply the information needed for search engines such as describing a document. In the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), keywords and description Meta elements play a vital role to improve the rank of web pages in the search engine.  

Usually, WordPress does not include the keywords including the elements of description Meta tag for their blog. With this case, people who are not equipped wit the required knowledge wonder as to how they can include those Meta tags in their blogs to optimize search engine result through the use of Meta tag elements. Fundamentally, there are only two ways to follow. First is to manually edit the template file. This is normally the header.php, if the present theme will be followed. Second is to use of the Meta Plugins. Take note that there are four Meta plugins to employ: additional of Meta tags; Single SEO Pack; AutoMeta; and additional WordPress Meta Plugin.

To effectively edit the template file, one needs to be familiar enough with HTML coding. Through this, changing the codes will not be too difficult. The first thing to do here is to locate for the header.php in the theme folder. Then, when doing the second step—using of Meta tag plugins—it has to be assured that the four of its components must be completed.

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