The success of your website is not gauged on the number of visitors who visited your website.   The success of your website can be measured by applying web analytics.   Web Analytics is the process of collecting data about the activities of people accessing your website (visitors)–how they found you, when they visited, what pages they looked at, what they bought or downloaded, and so on–and mining that data for information that can be used to improve said website.   Of course, with the so many things that you are supposed to do to improve your product or service, such concerns are left by management to the hands of technical people or most of the time companies hire the services of consultants.

In a world of competitive environment, companies begin to re-examine their investment in web analytics and work things out to determine how to get more out of the money they’ve spent.  In as much as web analytics goal is to collect data with reference to the activities of those visiting your website, web analytics consultancy firms tries to assess companies website and come up with solutions to further improve it. They try to work with their clients and customized the implementation of web analytics tools to drive insights that result in immediate, actionable feedback.

The services of Web Analytics Consultancy includes web analytics assessment needs, web measurement strategy, web analytics vendor selection, implementation planning, platform customization/development, report design and creation, data analysis and web analytics education

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