Web analytics refers to the collection, reporting and analysis of the behaviour or visitors online using specialized software applications. The idea is a merging of marketing research and information technology.

Web analytics technology is a growing and developing market. It has been around for long and has entered several stages since its inception. In a Forrester research, it was found out that the market for web analytics has totalled to 292 million dollars.

Why a web analytics job?

Since web analytics market is growing and is here to stay, there are many opportunities in terms of web analytics job. It is a growing career field and many professionals are in demand right now. A person who is working under the technical web professional might consider adding web analytics among his relevant skills. Or he can also specialize only in web analytics.

There are many web analytics jobs being posted on the Internet ranging from Analytics Engineer to Web Analysts. There are also jobs that only need a level of web analytics knowledge such as Senior Java Engineer, Information Security Officer and Systems Analysts. Whatever the job title is, there are many web analytics jobs being offered in several job banks on Internet.  A person could read about the basic requirements of the position and start applying for a web analytics job of his choice.

However, if a person doesn’t have the proper web analytics education, then he can always acquire the proper training. Sadly, there are no universities and colleges that offer these courses. But there are software vendors that offer training about future web analytics job.

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