The Web Analytics Report is authored by Phil Kemelor, a longtime analytics practitioner and consultant. This book, which was released last January, is published by the same team that has been supplying evaluations of vendor-neutral technology for the past seven years. Basically, the report presents a wide-ranging outline of Web Analytics solution contributors and best practices. The volume of the report includes comparative appraisals of 15 Web Analytics solutions submissions.

This book is also composed of 340-page report dealing with numbers of important issues for a project examining Web Analytics solutions, which also include: analysis of business case; best practices and implementation advice; detailed practical tables explaining significant Web Analytic features; and head-to-head comparisons of the primary products that come with detailed appraisal charts. Many of its readers claimed that this book is truly an essential tool to help enterprisers create updated strategies of analytics technology as well as buying decisions.
Specifically, Web Analytics Report is claimed to help every team to save time in collection process, avoid choosing the wrong product, prevent painful setbacks, make a helpful vendor listing, and budget more precisely.

This book is available in two editions: a Basic Edition; and Enterprise Edition. People who are thinking to buy this book are suggested to look at the listing of the covered 15 vendors, review a 40-page sample excerpt presented online for free, and examine the table of contents. By doing so, they will end up ordering the report as soon as they found out the unmatched details and openness concerning to the web measurement technologies it delivers.

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