A member of the Aberdeen group, Guy Creese, said that web analytics is the observations and examinations of the Web site usage to guide the enterprisers comprehend the multifaceted interactions between the website offers and web visitors. Website analytics also assists in leveraging the processed insights to maintain the increased clients loyalty and sales. To perform all of these functions, web analytics definitely employ a kind of software called as “web analytics software.”

Fundamentally, web analytics software is a kind of analytical software that involves system features and applications that present website analysis. This is employed to effectively study the impact of a website to its users. Because of its function, e-commerce companies started on using web analytics software. This functions by measuring concrete details such as the numbers of people who was drawn to the site, the numbers of unique guests among the entire guests, how were they able to land on the site, the specific keyword they use on the search engine to find the site, the duration of their stay to the site, and the links they clicked while they are on the site.

Web analytic software is also employed to observe if the pages of a site are working properly. Through the aid of the information it provides, the task of the administrators to determine the popular areas of the site as well as its area that does not acquire any traffic or less traffic becomes a cinch. In essence, these data can be utilized to update a site so it can offer better experience on the part of its users.  

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