The demand for web analytics has led to the emergence of more web analytics vendors in the world. Not only a single nation or company is in need of web analytics. In fact, all online businesses are in need to do web analytics and therefore in need of web analytics tools. Fortunately, there are web analytics vendors that can answer this need.

Some web analytics vendors known in the Internet marketing world today are the 24/7 Search, Analog, Burning Door Syndication Services, Inc., ClickTracks Analytics, Inc., EngineReady, Inc., comScore Networks, Inc., and eXTReMe Tracker. Other web analytics vendors are ZY Computing, Inc., WiredMinds, Inc., World Market Watch, Inc., Visual Insight, Touch Clarity Ltd.,, and Smart Plans LLC. Some more names in the field are the Optimal IQ, Pilot Software, Net Applications, Maximized Software, Loyalty Matrix, Informatica, IBM, Manticore Technology, and a lot more. There are at least 100 active web analytics vendors in the world today.

These vendors offer their specialized products or web analytics tools like the 24/7 Search, Iris Metrics, Site Wise, Website Reporter, Media Metric, Clickstream Data Collection, and Analysis Suite. There are still other web analytics tools like the Netflame, TrafficLight, HyperTracker, SurfAid, ICEtracks, SiteSpotting, FlashStats, WebLog Manager, and Web Mining software.

There are certainly hundreds of web analytics tools available for Internet marketing. With these many options, companies will certainly have the best tool for their web analytics need. These web analytics vendors are also continuing to develop more tools for the emerging needs in web analytics. The increasing demand for web analytics tools will surely make these web analytics vendors create more or enhance their products to satisfy the market’s demands.

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