As long as there are web analytics professionals in a certain area, then Web Analytics Wednesdays can be held. These are special social networking events for web analytics professionals. Since there is now a growing demand for web analytics, there is also a growing number of professionals to work for this field. And so, people concerned with web analytics would want to enhance and meet people on the same working field and make web analytics continuously better.

To date, Web Analytics Wednesdays are only held in some countries of Europe like the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Scotland. Other Web Analytics Wednesdays can also be held on other continents.

The Web Analytics Wednesdays can be held anywhere where people can clearly talk and hear one another like restaurants or bars. The basic objective of this event is to gather all professionals in a certain area and talk about web analytics. Actually, anything that relates to web analytics can be discussed. Examples are the new trends, developments, new products, and a lot more. Any discussion is allowed as long as it will keep all the web analytics professionals talk about the web analytics and its related subjects.

Some Web Analytics Wednesdays are held not only to gather professionals but to recognize members too. Other Web Analytics Wednesdays may be held by software vendors in order to launch their products. Actually, anyone can sponsor this event as long as the discussion is all about the web analytics and nothing more.

With Web Analytics Wednesdays, professionals will not only meet the faces of other comrades but will also learn a lot and help web analytics continuously better.

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