Architecture frameworks provide support and serve as baseline for organizations to carry out their various business processes and IT technology functions. These different architecture frameworks are used in an organization’s system planning, designing, developing, deploying, and maintaining of all its available architecture assets. This is just among the many reasons why architecture frameworks have become extensively used among enterprises and other organizations at large.

Specifically, use of architecture framework provides clarity to the various modeling viewpoints, constructs, and domains or levels of consideration within the system development. This then results to an improved simplicity concerning interrelations between various models. Also, the selection of substantial models is perceived with capability to seize or describe some of the system’s potential and significant features.

By taking all of the essential architecture framework elements, characteristics, and involved procedures into account, an architectural framework that applies for web systems is developed. This web application architecture framework is characterized by separation of concern in a two-dimensional matrix. While one dimension separates potential concerns of various participants of the web system into viewpoints or perspectives, the second dimension, on the other hand, classifies individual perspective into specified development constructs, such as structure (what?), location (where?), behavior (how?), and pattern. Most relevant examples of this framework are those from the development of commercial web application.

Basically, the web application architecture framework that is intently developed and designed for web systems is perceived as potential, useful guide and tool for analysis and re-engineering that are required for management of existing web systems of an organization. But while organizations begin using this framework for their respective web systems, web application developers continue to work further on developing architecture framework, this time particularly designed for web services.

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