Since most small and medium-sized businesses nowadays are turning into web based CRM solutions, a lot of software vendors have developed applications that cater to the needs of these targeted markets. These software applications may have different graphic user interfaces (GUI) but the same concept still applies. Web based CRM software applications are designed to manage business functions and strengthen the ties between business owners and their customers in a more convenient and practical way.

There is convenience in using web based CRM software applications compared to traditional CRM solutions because of availability. Since it is web based, users can access it anytime, for as long as there is an active internet connection available. To be able to view or make any changes to company records and customer databases, the only requirement would be to pass the verification stage. You may be assigned individual user names or create your own. Either way, what matters most is that you remember your user name and password since this is the only way that you may be able to access the information that you need.

Shifting from traditional CRM to web based CRM would also mean saving more money from operational costs and other expenses. Aside from the fact that web based CRM software applications are cheaper, there is also no need to purchase other hardware and software tools. It is also easier to maintain, which is just similar to developing your own web site. Everything is stored on a secure server so customers will have an assurance about the confidentiality of information kept on these systems. This does not only build strong relationships but improves customer loyalty and retention as well. 

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