FREE / OPEN SOURCE OPTIONS (not expiring demos)

WikiPedia has a helpful comparative matrix of project management solution options, and includes 7 open source choices which appear to meet our requirements:

  1. dotProject
  2. TaskJuggler
  3. Collabtive
  4. Endeavour
  5. KForge
  6. project-Open
  7. Redmine

Some of the options currently listed on the WikiPedia matrix (like are being run by companies and given away free, but commercial support plans for enterprise users. I left those off my shortlist above. I also did not include options like OpenProjGanttProject andOpen Workbench, because they are strictly desktop-client programs and not server/web based. Some of the options listed on WikiPedia, like eGroupWare, falsely indicate they are open source when they are NOT and are strictly commercial.

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