There has been an increase of web services because it presents an excellent way for
business organizations to communicate with their clients and with each other even with
different platforms.  There are numerous sites that offer a guide to understanding web
services technology and SOA.  Since an SOA system will be able to perform independent
of other programs, it provides a better solution to traditional client/server models of web
server or page system. 

Understanding web services, SOA technology and other guides to independent
technology will help developers in allowing application-to-application communication
between different and varying computing models.  In an e-commerce purchasing and
ordering for example, multiple communications are being sent by the service provider
even though the service “requester” is still on the same site.  The service provider could
be communicating to the bank for credit card verification and authorization and it could
also be communicating with the courier or shipper for the address and location.  Because
of this method of integrating multiple applications across different platforms,
understanding web services, SOA and other independent technology have become very
popular in the business world.

There are several guides to independent technology including an exhaustive study on
understanding web services and SOA.  It should be noted that web services is not SOA in
itself but is just an implementation of the SOA.  There are several books out there in the
market right now discussing this particular topic in detail.  Understanding SOA means
understanding web services that are built on multiple technologies but work hand in hand
with existing and upcoming standards so as to maintain security and manageability. 

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