It can happen that you are one of those small online businesses and that you want to get good web stats. But the problem is that your hosting arrangement does not include these web analytics tool. Of course being a starter in this business, you would not want to invest on buying a web analytics tool but fortunately, you can improve your web stats with the use of free web analytics. They are actually a lot to choose from and if you think that you have already bought a tool but seems like the tool does not cater to a certain aspect that you want to be measured, then you can use these free web analytics, too.

You can check Statcounter. This would give you the information for the recent five hundred page loads on your site. They also present you with graphs and charts for the measurements. But this service does not give you the information about the outbound links as well as the file downloads on your page.

Another one is the Google Analytics. This is one of the popular free web analytics tools. This gives you details on the page views specifically views per visit according to the keywords used. This also includes the metrics for your bounce rate and for your Adwords marketing. They also offer graphs and charts for your web stats.

These are just but two of those free web analytics. Again, if you are just starting up, you can rely on these tools to improve your website stats. They are accurate too so you need not worry about the credibility of the measurements that they would be giving you.

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