Website submission is done in order to drive more traffic to the site.  By this token it is actually a part of search engine optimization. It’s easy to submit a website to search engines and to directories. And it’s usually free to submit websites to the search engines. But what’s difficult is passing their criteria for the site to be included in search results pages. It also takes time before a website will be included in search results.

However, website submission is very beneficial to the site when successful. It provides a way for customers to find the website when they use the search engine to do searches. It is also a way of creating intrinsic back links for website search engine optimization.

While some argue that the importance of website submission has diminished it is an important part of search engine optimization. By submitting the URL of the website, the website is somehow introduced to the search engine. This also assures the website owner that the website is categorized in the right category. But again, this does not warrant automatic inclusion to search results. Much more time and effort must then be focused in other search engine optimization tools as well.

So website submission has its purpose in search engine optimization. If the right search engine marketing mix is planned and implemented, the website will surely drive more traffic. If this is coupled with a good landing page, site traffic will be converted to sales. The website will be successful and it will be more profitable.

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