The accessibility and the popularity of the World Wide Web continues to increase, people, vendor of tools and users that are dedicated have started to provide information about the different tools in the World Wide Web servers or simply www servers. The content of the information differ widely, and some of them provides marketing information that are significant to the people and organization concerned. They think that it is better to provide these kinds of information rather than going in to details about the technical aspect of the information. On the attempt to provide technical details, the traffic of the network and the server and the server outages may stop the information from being accessed. All the servers may no longer be accessible from any of the sites once this instance happens.

There are different Configuration Management related websites and servers that provide the different list of tools for Configuration Management.  Some of them are websites of companies that produce the different tools for the particular practice. One of the sites is which is the website of Corporate RCS Information. This company provides different software for automation and for competent Configuration Management. Another site available for Configuration Management is This is a site of IBM Corporation for software configuration library manager made by IBM for the purpose of providing a better understanding of the different aspects of Configuration Management. There are a lot more sites that provide data about Configuration Management. Just browse the internet and thousands of sites will be explored.

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