Welcome to The Art of Service’s Cyber Security Risk Management Month.

My name is Ivanka Menken and I am the owner and co-Founder of the Art of Service.

Since we published the Cyber Security Risk Management Self Assessment, we have had many of our clients discuss with us the need for awareness around Cyber Security Risk Management and the importance of educating both IT Professionals and non-IT staff members.

That is why we decided to make this month – June 2018 Cyber Security Month. The is no denying that Cyber Security Risk Management is important for all types of businesses – from solo preneurs to large multi national enterprises, we all need to be vigilant and aware of the vulnerabilities that we face on a daily basis.

To celebrate this Cyber Security Month I interviewed a number of experts in the field, working in Australia and The Netherlands. These people work with companies every day of the week to help prepare and manage the Cyber Security Risks that are present in our society. Each interview has a slightly different angle, and a slightly different message – but at the core of it all is the passion of these professionals to make businesses and their teams aware of the threats and vulnerabilities in relation to Cyber Crime.

I trust you enjoy this series and I invite you to contact me for further clarification, questions or comments. I am more than happy to connect you to any of the experts that I’ve interviewed and look forward to hearing more insights and experiences as the month continues.

Also – if you feel there are other people that should be interviewed for this series, please introduce them to me. It’s such a lovely learning experience to be able to listen to experts talk about their field of expertise.

But for now, I hope you enjoy this series.

Ivanka Menken

Managing Director,
The Art of Service Pty Ltd