An enterprise architect plays for many roles in a business enterprise. But what is the sole enterprise architect job? For TOGAF or The Open Group Architecture Framework, an enterprise architect job is to formally describe and make a detailed plan for the enterprise system as well as a guide to the implementation of these plans. As of now, the TOGAF definition of the enterprise architect job is the commonly used by many business enterprises.

The enterprise architecture job can be easily done since there is the architecture framework provided by TOGAF. This framework is highly recommended to be followed. According to the framework, the enterprise architecture job should include the manner of describing the methodology used for defining the information system of the enterprise. This should be done by using a set of various building blocks. The enterprise architect should also show how these building blocks can fit together. He should also contain a certain set of useful tools and provide the common vocabulary to be used in the business processes. Another enterprise architect job is to have a list of different recommended standards. The professional is also responsible for including a certain list of various complaint products which are very helpful in implementing the building blocks.

Using the TOGAF standards, the enterprise architect job becomes simpler, easier, and better implemented. Another important enterprise architect job is to work with the experts and stake holders in order to know the organization’s processes, strategies, IT assets, and information. He should be able to ensure that the business processes and the IT are aligned and this can be done by following the TOGAF standards.

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