It takes team of trained Software Engineering Institute (SEI) to certify officially software organizations CMM level of maturity. The team is brought to the organization to make a review of the software development and determine the level they are operating.  Once a CMM is established, organization should retain the level until they would like to be re-certified for the next level.  Ratings of the SEI decrease when defects are discovered and when standards are not met as defined.  You surely would not want that, thus it becomes necessary that your software development process standards are review, tested and inspected prior to the SEI visit.

The start of the inspection process is introduced to the organization when they have reached the level 3 maturity.  It is for the reason that in CMM Level 3, standards are defined and documented.  These standards of software development process would need to be reviewed and tested, and if needed be adjusted.  Adjustments become necessary if defects are found to cause harm on the software work product.  Your organization would need a CMM trained inspector to perform this function.  The function of the CMM inspector would include the review of the standards in the software process development, and check the maintainability of the system.  Inspection techniques would have to be used during the test and review. An example of an inspection technique would be the used of Fagan inspection.  Fagan ispection is a structured  process of  finding  defects in development documents which includes programming code, specifications, designs and others during various phases of the software development process.

Avoid the rework and reduce your cost, have a CMM inspector detect the errors.  Let them help you create a higher quality product on your software development.

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