There are lots of business process management tools that can be downloaded from the Internet. Process management tools are important applications that can make business planning, processes documentations, and business modeling easier. Managers could make use of these tools to systematize and organize their work flow processes and automate important business process documentations. Business process management tools are usually packaged as a stand alone application or a part of business software suite package. It is important though to remember that to effectively use BPM tools, one should have a clear understanding of the work process itself so that the right tools can be applied.

For enterprise mapping and modeling, the right business process management tools are analysis and modeling software. By using business analysis tools, managers can have a powerful application to efficiently optimize their processes and business solutions. Usually, analysis and modeling software is used to reinforce existing enterprise rules engines. These applications can be deployed enterprise-wide in order to unify different process flow of companies and to automate the interaction of different programs for tighter data integration.

There are also specific business process management tools that have the ability to manage particular areas of concern in an enterprise. There are asset management tools, budgeting and financials software, and other similar applications that target specific work flow segment of a company. Niche businesses can also make use of management process tools that could cater to their own niche. Healthcare professionals and administrators can utilize software that specifically integrates work flow process and data sources of medical institutions.