The Microsoft Certification Professional is a very huge and dynamic system of learning that is involved in encompassing almost every aspect of Information Technology and the Computing industry.  As part of the widened spectrum of utilizing to the best possible way the tools and knowledge learned and earned from studying a program or a module, examinations is being carried out to every learner to test, determine, and measure the capabilities of these learners to apply and demonstrate their acquired skills on their chosen career path.

The exact measurement of the skills earned is capable of being produced by the examination provided by the same institution that developed the program.  In fact, for over many years now, the producer of the examination – the Micrsofot – has been consistent in telling the public that the certification which involves a series of examination is their best tool in determining the effectiveness of their universally distributed examination format and standards.  

The examination is serving as the proper benchmarks for learners to know their own capabilities, strengths, and potentially their weaknesses.  With respect to the standards set by the company, the examination results and the passing rate is a clear indication, too, of the effective and efficient channeling of Microsoft on their platforms towards attaining global competitiveness.  

In conclusion, the examination provided by Microsoft is not being implemented because they want to earn more (due to the collections on fees being required from every learner) and use this as a finance generating mechanism.  It is there because there is a need to formally standardize the process.  

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