More often you will the word open source software, but generally, no one would really understand what it is for and why they were made as such.  An open source software or OSS is the capability of the user to see and view and to the extent of modifying the source code of the executable software under a licensed copyright and generally of the consuming public have been appreciative of this thing because they are now empowered to tailor the software based on their needs and wants.  

In light of the emerging technology of open source software, many companies have seen this move as a smart and intelligent strategy to market and advertise their products and services.  In fact, even before the open source industry has started to boom and gain followers, it has been used as a marketing tool giving away free software that is open source.  

Now, as everything becomes relatively open source, even the web analytics software these days are engaging into having open source software.  Very popular of these open source web analytics are the following:  

a.    The Analog software which was developed under the C language platform and is supporting logfile analysis.  Although this open source software does not have any online demo available, it is very aggressive in releasing new releases.
b.    The AWStats software which was made under the Perl language platform.  This is also a logfile web analytic software which current release is at 6.7 version. This open source web analytic software has an online demonstration available.  
c.    The Piwik software which is currently holding the number one post in terms of popularity and usability.  This open source software was developed under the MYSQL platform and has also an online demonstration.  

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