The Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician or the MCSDT is a process of examining a PC technician’s capability, skill-set, and competency in terms of providing technical support to end-users. Thru the Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician, the technician is being gauged of his capacity to troubleshoot and examine the desktop platform that is usually running the Windows environment. 

So, what are the requirements needed to pass and comply to?  Are there sets of examinations needed to hurdle?  How extensive are these examinations?

For anyone who wants to become a Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician he or she is required to hurdle and pass generally two sets of core examinations.  There are electoral examinations that anyone may opt to take or not. Apparently, an exam taker must take classroom training and Electronic Learning provided and focused in Microsoft. 

For the core exams, they were sub-divided into two sets.  The first core is focused in basic troubleshooting a Microsoft platform operating system – Windows XP in general.  The examiner’s skills are tested on how they will provide support to end-users who are having issues and questions about OS installation and uninstallation process.  Now, to better equip the examiner, classroom learning that is modular based is given and extended to him or her.  Apart from that, an extensive E-learning course is also provided. 

As   for the other core exam, it involves testing the capacity of the examiner in aspects such as desktop application troubleshooting again on a Windows platform specifically the Windows XP. 

These two exams shall be the battery exams that an examiner need to hurdle and pass.

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