What are the tools/manual methods that are you using to currently discover CMDB data?

Make sure your design establishes service asset and configuration management processes and tools to input CIs, maintains CMDB to established quality standards, implements automation and discovery tools to ensure CI/CMDB quality.

What processes are you looking to implement first using a CMDB?

Manage implementation of asset tracking with the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) throughout the lifecycle, collaborating with finance team on integration tools to connect assets to financial records.

What are your defined metrics for evaluating CMDB success?

Identify and implement measurement tools or metrics to invest in monitoring project success.

What cis should be considered for the CMDB?

Collect metrics to support defined Service Level Agreements and Key Performance Indicators.

Do you have incomplete, incorrect, or missing data in your CMDB?

Be confident that your workforce is supporting the management of the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) and reporting of all Configuration Item (CI) exceptions and data discrepancies.

What is the intent and reason for populating Active Directory data in CMDB?

Analysis/Reasoning Examines data to grasp issues, draw conclusions, and solve complex business problems.

What is your current use of CMDB?

Provide support to the enterprise for data governance and data stewardship.

Who would be possibly owner and/or Point of Contact for CMDB design considerations?

Warrant that your group meets with decision makers, systems owners, and end users to define business, financial, and operations requirements and systems goals identifies and resolves systems issues and leads design sessions to enhance business processes, operations, and information process flow.

What type of input and data is gathered and included in the CMDB?

Identify and analyze data and anecdotal input from Sellers and support associates to identify and isolate issues, test solutions, and prioritize competing program opportunities.

What do you want from your CMDB?

Support the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) for applications and the management of all related functionality.

Is there a schedule of audit activity that is followed to check CMDB accuracy?

Ensure you are able to create detailed plans and activity schedules for execution to meet inventory requirements.

What if you need to register information in your CMDB about the purpose of an item?

Work with the wider infosec team on identification, tracking and mitigation of information security risk through a risk methodology model and register and ensure information security compliance with identified audit requirements, security policies, standards and legislation.

How do you judge the value of CMDB / CMS?

Confirm that your operation is staying current on product developments/releases to a level required for solutioning and value realization for business.

Do you have an existing production CMDB?

Ensure up-front planning, scheduling, and successfully deploying releases to production environment in a controlled and systematic way so as to meet service levels and avoid any impacts on existing services.

How are CMDB enhancement requests going to be managed or how will requests to run an out of cycle report be handled?

Analyst for IT Asset and CMDB Management is responsible for managing the lifecycle of IT assets (hardware and software), as well as the Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

Who and when updated the CMDB with the new information?

Interface so that your workforce assists the CM specialization, Lead in the design and implementation of the entire Configuration Management framework, including identifying and documenting the items to be controlled and the information to be captured and recorded.

How do you assess the health of your CMDB?

Manage the collection and validation of software and hardware assets information for CMDB population.

What method will be used to integrate the discovered data into the CMDB Application?

Drive results through methods that include competitive bidding, negotiating, and analyzing data and market trends across all categories.

What do it organizations and users need from a CMDB/CMS?

Work with end users, stakeholders, and management to define and create reports, dashboards, and data analysis products.

How to create a CMDB from scratch?

Guide and support users on creating incidents/requests, using Knowledge Base, User induction.

Will configuring the tool to send data to the CMDB affect existing processes?

Functional knowledge and involvement with IT Service Management (ITSM) processes (Incident, Problem, Change, Release, SLM, Service Catalog, Configuration Management Database (CMDB), Asset, Knowledge Management).

How does a traditional it CMDB compare to a data center CMDB?

Work with the ITSM manager to establish a relationship and consistency between the IT Asset database and the CMDB.

Does your CMDB/CMS store information that helps drive green goals?

Guarantee your group maintains confidentiality of information and uses information appropriately and fosters collaboration toward a common vision and shared goals.

Where does the CMDB start and stop?

Manage the Delivery pipeline on the complete life cycle from Demand, Quote, Negotiation, Change implementation, Financial information for (internal) customer invoicing, Hand over to Operations teams.

What are the roles of CMDB database schemas?

Some Data Governance Tool Configuration management involvement for roles and access handling.

What attributes from the discovery devices are to be incorporated into the CMDB?

Work with CMDB team synchronize Rapid 7 discovery data to ensure all assets are matched in CMDB.

Does the CSP have a configuration management database (cmdb)?

Confirm that your strategy is involved in SQL/NoSQL databases.

What are your CMDB solution sets capabilities for assimilating change impact information?

Big picture thinker, you are leading making technology decisions that impact critical business capabilities and engineering teams.

Do you maintain a complete CMDB?

Ensure CMDB and associated data allows HS delivery teams to leverage for project impact analysis and estimation.

Which process or function makes the most important and most frequent substantive contribution to keeping the CMDB up to date?

Validate functionalities after quarterly release upgrades, and hot fixes and handle the communication on upgrade schedule, impact of upgrade and new functionalities introduced.

How service catalog effort went on to influence CMDB effort?

Support and lead development efforts for front end and back end services.

Does the tool interface with the CMDB to gather required information for Release builds, distributions and implementations?

Help teams to use DevOps tools and practices; Contributes to vision and owns program backlogs and implementations.

Why what are the business outcomes that CMDB will support?

Design and build models to address (internal) customer and business needs, improve (internal) customer experience, revenue generation, and other major business outcomes.

What version of ucmdb is supported?

Identify ECM business needs, requirements management, traceability matrix, functional design, prototyping, process design, testing, piloting, training, and supporting implementations as well as system integration and data conversion.

How do you use automation to accelerate the speed and ease of deployment for your CMDB?

Work with DevOps lead to implement production operations best practices, tool configuration, and ALM tools like JIRA and Release Automation.

Does the tool facilitate links with the CMDB to enable the updating of Problem records with Configuration information?

Collaborate with teams to research, identify, design, and develop tools to allow efficient configuration management, build, and release of software.

How do change management and the CMDB support the business in the future?

Apply expertise to develop new business strategies and processes and future initiatives to determine future process and needs.

What is your current level of knowledge and experience of CMDB implementation?

Develop experience using SQL, Tableau, Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence, Metrics Dashboards, Data Modeling, and Data Visualization tools.

How do you create policies or establish patterns for CMDB population?

Verify that your strategy manages strategic planning and in documenting architecture deliverables (target architecture, IT policies, IT principles and reference architecture, technology standards, conceptual patterns, detailed design patterns, etc.

What business outcomes will your CMDB support?

High value assets recording in the CMDB and low value asset tracking in Tracking sheets.

Do you offer fixed price professional services for CMDB/CMS deployment?

Develop the positioning strategy of all products and services considering price, volume, share and profitability.

Are the requests for change, incident/request forms and stock control forms flowing freely to the CMDB administrator?

Make headway so that your workforce maintains daily contacts with centralized (internal) customer service (in establishing (internal) customer priorities and communicating potential (internal) customer outages), inventory control (for stock-outs, new product launches, etc.

Why should you do an ROI for your CMDB project?

Warrant that your operation performs cost/benefit tradeoff analysis and develop ROI business cases for recommended projects involving process, system, or technology change.

How many assets do you have how accurate is your CMDB?

Review the Record of Software Assets and CMDB for discrepancies and make updates if necessary.

Do new cms/CMDB addition issues exist?

Invest in resolving complex (internal) customer service issues that require additional research and communication with other departments in your organization; follow through to (internal) customer resolution.

What is a CMDB, what makes it active?

Develop knowledge of industry best practices and trends for CMDB and configuration management.

What is the role or response of the key stakeholder that must be assumed if the CMDB is to be successful?

Participation in and part of an Incident Response/Business Continuity Team leading and supporting roles for a variety of scenarios that would disrupt building operations.

Do you benefit from training customized for your specific CMDB implementation?

Ensure operational success of changes to program benefits and policies by partnering with appropriate teams from idea conception through final implementation.

Can the tool be integrated with other IT Management applications as a CMDB or an ITAM tool designed for managing on premises deployments?

Automation technology includes terraform for infrastructure as a code and ansible for application deployments and configuration management.

When other process requirements are identified, there needs to be a push back from CMDB to ensure data ownership and maintenance?

Develop experience explaining and applying technical requirements and specifications to quality problems encountered in activities such as procedures evaluation, process audits, product inspections and investigations of defective material to initiate corrective actions.

What can the data in a CMDB be used for?

Be sure your operation is working closely with asset owners and technical custodians develop an overall process strategy/topology in support of the CMDB CIs, both at an enterprise level and at a regional level.

How do you keep the CMDB project from being ignored?

It works with organization colleagues to lead projects for data governance and data stewardship.

What is your specific role in the CMDB project?

Take part in various projects, providing support to Managers and up to VPs of Infrastructure and Finance.

Is your organization implementing a CMDB or planning to?

Work collaboratively across Business and Technology Services organization to evolve CMDB assets.

What differentiates resource dependency service from ccmdb?

It allows data scientists to focus on doing data science by taking care of essential concerns like data access, logging, configuration, resource negotiation, dependency management, orchestration, and testing.

What was the biggest challenge with your CMDB effort?

Make sure your workforce identifies risks and challenges the (internal) customer should expect to encounter with the solution based on similar efforts done with other (internal) customers.

Can smart reporting handle federated data for the CMDB?

Secure that your group performs configuration audits to ensure physical inventory is consistent with the configuration management database (CMDB)/CMS, initiating corrective action through Change Control.

Will ucmdb replace service manager configuration management in the future?

Develop forward looking product/service plans that enable profitable growth into the future.

How do you implement CMDB for the enterprise?

Warrant that your team is involved in integrating systems as CMDBs, ITSM tools, enterprise monitoring, etc.

Who will update the data once it is in the CMDB?

Develop experience integrating with tools to federate data into the CMDB.

Can ibm clear case/quest be a CMDB?

Request to correct a process in case a quality requirement is not met ISO 9001, IATF 16949, (internal) customer requirements, s and R, QSE, etc.

What level of information from asset discovery and application mapping is to be kept in the CMDB?

Be sure your personnel is involved in ITSM, CMDB, Asset Management, Discovery, ITAM and/or ITOM.

When should you focus on the CMDB?

Interface so that your staff focuses on tactical issues such as supporting integrated infrastructure patching process and supporting the implementation of a unified vulnerability management process as well as strategic projects with priority.

What should be entered into the CMDB?

Assure your strategy focuses on the tracking and control of service assets in the IT infrastructure and collaborates with configuration analysts to train Service Asset and Configuration Management (SACM) staff in SACM principles, processes, and procedures.

How many non Discovery sources will be populating the CMDB in tandem with ServiceNow Discovery?

Make recommendations for process improvements utilizing existing and new HR technology to improve the effectiveness of Human Resources operations.

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