What are The Various Steps Entailed in Software Project Management Training?

Like its name implies, Software Project Management is simply the management of development of software as part of or the whole point of a project. And good Software Project Management Training means knowing how to identify the parts of Software Project Management and where you fit into each part as a Software Project Manager.

The first part of Software Project Management Training is learning how to identify who are the stakeholders in the development of your pet software. These stakeholders could be the investors (who are the source of all funding for all software development projects); the software developers themselves (whose careers depend on whether the software will actually work and be effective at what its creators envisioned it to be able to do); the head honchos of the organization (who need to prove to the investors that they were right to authorize this project); the suppliers of raw materials (who stand to benefit if the software project proves successful and feasible); and even the end-users (who might already be waiting in the wings to purchase the software as soon as it has been developed.)

The second stage is figuring out what your objectives are in developing this software. You may need to break down the main goal of making a good software product into tinier sub-goals and sub-objectives to get clarity of vision.

The third stage is getting what you need to make the software.

The fourth stage is actually making the software.

The fifth stage is identifying any flaws in the product that you just made, by subjecting it to rigorous testing.

And the last stage is presenting your working prototype to the stakeholders to see if it is a good product in their eyes.

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