WordPress permalinks refer to permanent URLs to  WordPress posts, category and tag pages. It is what the Internet users use to bookmark any post or page. Other blogs and websites use WordPress permalinks to link to any post or page in a certain site. It is also a way for search engine spiders to know about a post or a page by crawling the content of the blog or site using permalinks.

The importance of WordPress permalinks can never be underestimated. Every blogger must know that having the correct structure for permalinks can spell a big difference. Usually, a new blogger tend to use the default permalink structure in WordPress or he might be tempted to choose a permalink structure with unnecessary elements.

How can you change the permalink structure? A blogger who has chosen the best permalink structure doesn’t have to make changes. But what if a blogger has chosen the wrong WordPress permalink structure and wants to change it? This can create a big problem. The worse scenario is that search engines already indexed the content via the old permalinks and other bloggers have also linked. Making changes in the WordPress permalink structure would then give a return “404-Page Not Found” error. This is really bad for the site.

To avoid this, the blogger must redirect them to the contents of the current WordPress permalinks. The My WordPress SEO plugin has the option to redirect automatically. WordPress permalinks structure plays an important role on whether a site or a blog can be linked by outside bloggers and search engines.

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