There are MCITP Developer books that can be used to successfully pass exam modules 70-431, 70-441, and 70-442. These exam modules form the complete package for the MCITP Database Developer certification. By getting hold of several MCITP Developer books, IT professionals can increase their chances of passing the credentialing process of Microsoft for database developers.

The basic MCITP Database Developer certification exam focuses on the ability of IT professionals to build the initial design of enterprise databases. The advance modules however, especially the professional series, will test the capability of developers to manage databases using Microsoft SQL Server 2005. The professional tests will also determine if database administrators could optimize the SQL Server for better functionality and utility.

That is why MCITP Developer books will be critical for the preparation stages of the certification process. The books include the basic steps in planning and designing databases. It also contains essential methodologies on optimization processes as well as troubleshooting guides for enterprise-wide database.

Some of the best MCITP Developer books could also include guide questions which were previously taken from past MCITP Database Developer examinations. These questions could serve as practice exams for those preparing for the certification process.

The books were usually written by Microsoft professionals and other experts on database development. So, there are useful test taking tips that are included in the MCITP Developer books. These test taking tips are practical knowledge applied by the experts when they took the MCITP Database Developer exams. It could help prospective Microsoft professionals during the actual examinations.

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