One may wonder the difference between the two enterprise architects since both works for enterprise architecture.  But the user should never misinterpret one from the other. The real enterprise architect is a person that deals mainly on how business and the enterprise s IT assets could go in line. The other enterprise architect works just like that. Only that it is an application program that makes the business and information technology possible.

Enterprise Architect software is a great aid for enterprise architecture. It features a lot of functionalities helpful for creating the business concept, maintaining and developing the business status, and making competitive business reports.

There are a lot of Enterprise Architect software versions that came to the market but one of its latest versions is the Enterprise Architect 7.0. Here are some of the Enterprise Architect 7.0 features;

" Simple to use. Enterprise Architecture is a real tough job but with this application, creating models, tracking dependencies and model changes, controlling versions, comparing utility, and high-edged performance letting user view the project in its simplest.
" Template-enriched. One doesn t have to do the difficult manual creation of projects with many available templates. And they are all WYSIWYG. So, no need to worry about the possible output.
" Support for a lot of programming language. Enterprise Architect has support for generating and reversing the engineering of its source codes. Files made with this software can be used for C#, C++, Delphi, VB.NET, ActionScript, Java, PHP, and visual basic.
" Permits reverse engineering. Users can make their models with different programming languages compatible with Enterprise Architect 7.0 and visualize their work in an interesting figure.
" Supports MDA or Model Driven Architecture. User can create complicated programs in a very simple way. Even developing and editing templates are possible.

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