Any apprentice should not be too reliant on what the instructors teach alone. You also need to rely on course materials like CD-Rom instructions which are readily available on the market. Online interactive tutorials can be bought straight from the website owned by IT centers. But the most common study aide is in the form of a book. Books are a more comprehensive way for students and readers to gain ample knowledge about what they study. It does not only define and exhibit lessons but provides tips on how to absorb the topics as well.

In any study of CCNA, books are helpful for self-study and reviews. CCNA books provide essential networking instructions for hands-on application even in home labs. The objective of these books is to optimize learning and make it less strenuous for students to understand the technicalities of the CCNA course.

Various CCNA books are published by many known Networking Specialists and CCNA manual authors. One of these books is the CCNA ICND Exam Guide and CCNA INTRO Exam Guide written by Wendell Odom in 2004. Other authors are Gary Heap and Lyn Maynes who did the Book of CCNA Practical Studies as of 2002. In 2005, Scott Empson created his CCNA Portable Command Guide as well. The Cisco CNNA Self Study Guide by Anthony Chiarella came out in the market in 2002. However, sometime in year 2007, Anthony Chiarella also published an electronic version of his CCNA Self Study Guide. In 2003, Richard Deal gave us his book dubbed the CCNA Study Guide. Back in 2000, Todd Lammle and Kevin Hales issued their CCNP
Support Study Guide which consists of 766 pages. The WAN Technologies book by Allan Reid was published in 2006.

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