Saas blogs are basically blog sites that contain opinions by the owners about the Software-as-a-service (or Saas application) which is generally used by corporations to gain access to much-needed applications via the API of the Saas. Saas blogs are necessary in a way because they help Saas developers to learn about any flaws or loopholes in the system they created. But since Saas blogs are written based on the opinions of people, you must learn to distinguish between objectively-written Saas blogs and those that are simply trash talk.

One topic about the Saas field that you may encounter in the blogs is about how Saas should be priced and what factors should be considered when computing for Saas pricing. The first factor Saas developers should consider is the periodic base costs. They then add on upgrades that will drive up the cost some more. However, Saas pricing should not be that hard because the Saas model is more predictable than that of other IT services  which means Saas pricing is equally predictable.

Another topic that may come up is whether Saas should be offered only to your existing customers or to new prospects as well. It is generally accepted that old customers are easier to sell your IT services to than any new faces in your prospects list. However, Saas ought to be also sold to new prospects to generate additional or new revenue streams. This is because old customers inevitably run out of needs for you to serve or funds to buy your new Saas IT services.

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