The convoluted term Desktop Help Desk Network LAN Tech Support PC Tech may be quite a
mouthful to speak but it need not be confusing. To understand it, one must break it down
into its components so you can comprehend their semantics.

LAN Tech Support means the provision of technical expertise via technical support to Local
Area Networks (or LAN.) This means LAN Tech Support staff have to know how to provide
maintenance and technical expertise about Computer Networks in particular.

PC Tech, of course, means technology about personal computers. So a person who knows PC
Tech can help in providing maintenance and technical knowledge about personal computers.

A desktop Help Desk Network is another matter altogether. It refers to the use of desktop
computers (such as your ubiquitous personal computer sitting on your desk) to provide
support assistance to the Help Desk Network. A Help Desk Network is the phone-in system
that allows customers to call technicians about their problems with the software or
hardware they are using. A desktop Help Desk Network may use traditional routing systems
(such as cables) to deliver their data to each desktop terminal and to the Help Desk
Network administrator; or remote access technology can also be used so that the desktop
Help Desk Network may be used even when people switch desks or are far from their regular

Thus, when all these terms are taken together, the whole term Desktop Help Desk Network
 LAN Tech Support PC Tech can be seen to mean that this is a Help Desk Network that
functions from desktop workstations (either via traditional cable linkages or remote
access technology) whose main function is to provide technical support about Local Area
Networks with emphasis on the personal computer components.

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