Like the name of the job suggests, an appointment setter is one who works part-time for the call center simply to set appointments for customers who want someone to consult regarding their purchase of the product or service being sold. For instance, if the call center works for a client company that is a car manufacturer and dealership, then the appointment setter would accept inbound calls (meaning calls that the customer himself initiates) so that a representative of the car manufacturer can meet the customer on the appointed day and time.

This is a good option for client companies who do not really want to intrude into the privacy of customers and would prefer that the customers initiate the call of inquiry. A part-time appointment setter may work on a shifting schedule set by the company and will probably have to work within a formal office setting.

To work as an appointment setter, you need to have the capacity to sell the product or service to any customers who make a call of inquiry, great communication skills, and knowledge of what a professional customer service representative like an appointment setter does. Multitasking skills would be great, and knowledge or a readiness to work with technology would be plus factors that could get you hired.

You will probably be paid by the hour being a part-time employee on a shifting schedule, and will need to live near the call center office so that your daily expenses will not be too high.

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