In the world of information technology, IT companies (both large and small) are nowadays
expected to maintain call-center help desks which assist customers with any problems that
they might encounter. To make such call-center help desks function better and relieve the
pressure on help desk technicians, it is necessary to maintain a call-level system so that
the help desk staff can prioritize calls based on how urgent they are and how important.
This is where the Help Desk Level 1 officer comes in.

A Help Desk Level 1 officer is responsible for problems that need a fast first level of
response. The Help Desk Level 1 officer is supported by Help Desk Level 2 and Help Desk
Level 3 staffers. Help Desk Level 1 personnel are necessary to an IT service company
because they can reassure callers who are worried that their problems might be placed on
the back-burner by the help desk operations of the call center.

When the IT company uses a call-level system, there are benefits that come with it, such as:

– reduction of delays and handoffs since callers are led to the best resource within
the help desk operations;
– permitting IT technicians on the job to examine how complex problems that callers
experienced were eventually resolved (either by Help Desk Level 1 people, or their support
staff at the Help Desk Level 2 and 3 levels);
– allowing intake staff to examine causes of problems called in so that future
callers may be given appropriate solutions that have worked for previous callers;
– call center staff who have higher positions can concentrate on management and
administrative responsibilities rather than have to deal with frontliner issues themselves.

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