The success of a business organization lies on how the
future is look upon by its leaders.  The goals and
objectives of every organization grow and expand. 
They tend to crave for more and seek to visualize the
future towards achieving their organizational strategic
goals.  As organizations continue to invest more time
and energy into portfolio management, they also
should see to it that investments are made to valuable

Just as in the maintenance of your IT equipment, it
may require assessment as to whether there is a
need to maintain your existing or to purchase a new
one.  IT Management Value functions are to make a
cost allocation that is simple, fair, predictable, and
controllable to enable organizations to understand
the relationship f their IT consumption and expenses. 
It should be able to understand the spending and
volume variances.  IT value management should be
able to come up with accurate reports for IT
management a clear view of resources utilization in
terms of hardware, software and people.  These
management is set to enable management be
informed of how to reduce costs or expand the

It is necessary that assessments are to be
performed particularly in the financial aspect
of the organization.  IT management value allows
management to come up with a decision on how
projects are to be handled.  A continuous use of an
activity that would not yield gain but loss to the
business should be taken into a look and if
need be, should be discontinued. 

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