The Microsoft Certification for Information Technology Professional engaged in Business Intelligence Development is primarily involved in creating and developing working systems to help out in the implementation of strategic mechanisms that support the whole company.  

The Microsoft Certification for Information Technology Professional or the MCITP– Business Intelligence Developer is someone who is engaged in efficiently demonstrating skills in designing analytical tools as solutions to company problems; provide methods and means to better transform data into a more functional and relevant pieces of data such as valid reports and researches.  As a Microsoft Certified Business Intelligence Developer your primary task is focused at creating and designing physical database models as well as logical databases.  Apparently, a major part of your work as a Business Intelligence Developer is also bulked as creating a better way to implement these database models in order for them to become far more effective and efficient.  

A large component of business intelligence development is how to have a strong and robust database mechanism.  Data warehousing, metadata, data analytics, and reporting are some of the more toxicating and stressing methods of MCITP Business Intelligence Developer.  Not to mention that as a Business Intelligence Developer, you are also tasked to ensure that there is an effective and efficient method to implement the strategies and guidelines that may have adverse effect on the whole database.  

In order to effectively perform all those, a business intelligence developer should have the right skills and knowledge required to do that.  Some of the more complex skills and knowledge requirements are programming skills specifically in Database and Standard Query Language.  Apart from that, specific knowledge on how to customize database servers is also required.  This is a knowledge that is present on any SQL software.  

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