The International Conference on Information System is a confederation that helps channel vital information and activities that directly or indirectly impact the whole society of information system enthusiasts.  It is thru these international conferences that people get to gather and learn new and latest events and information about the information system world.  These international conferences keep all computer enthusiasts abreast of the current happenings that impact the IS industry. 

Just last year, the International Conference on Information System was held in Montreal, Canada.  The conference event was highlighted by the presence of the keynote speaker whose expertise and contribution in the field of information systems remain invaluable and highly acknowledged.  As a keynote speaker, she was able to correlate the immense things that she has done for the company where she is serving bridging the key concepts about what an Information Technology department is all about.  According to her, an IT department is an area where:

a. strategies and concepts on how to properly manage and direct information and knowledge are built and conceived;
b. a collective effort of people whose expertise and knowledge about information systems gather and conceive things
c. a place where everyone is a partner to anyone in building creativity and produce mass innovation that aids and helps the whole organization in achieving its business goal.

Every year, the International Conference on Information Systems happen to make sure that people all over the world get the chance to have a grasp on the newest and the latest innovations that are happening on their surroundings.  The ICIS makes sure that it can generally contribute in the dissemination of valuable information to everyone

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